YB3 Personal Tracking Device with Carey Vivian – Racing Against Time

NZMNDAt G-Layer, we’re always happy to help whenever possible. Carey Vivian contacted us few months ago and asked us if we wanted to come “on board” and sponsor his adventure. YB3 personal tracking device was a perfect fit for Carey’s requirements for tracking and two way messaging.

The Motor Neurone Cycle Challenge 2015, an epic 4,000Km bike ride around New Zealand, starting February 1st. Carey heard the YB3 personal tracking device is the number one out in the wilderness, wherever the GSM coverage is poor or non existent, reason and this is why he decided to contact us in the first place.

G-Layer are the reseller for YB3 and Rock7 products in the Australia Pacific region. We always have YB3 personal tracking devices in stock, so we are happy to sponsor him with the airtime needed for his journey.

Needless to say, we fully support his cause and are proud to help him reaching his goal.


Biking around New Zealand, but not without a YB3 personal tracking device

Carey VivianCarey Vivian, has chosen YB3 for his ride around New Zealand.

He will be able to rely on our help and support, customising his Yblog and embedding the map on his website. We will always keep en eye on him while he’s on the road.

The powerful YB3 personal tracking device and it’s massive battery power will help Carey to keep in touch with the loved ones and followers. His supporters will be able to track his progress on his web page: www.raceagainsttime.co.nz . The YB3 will enable Carey to tweet and post Facebook updates, send and receive emails and SMS, all while he’ll be on wheels.

We contacted Carey and asked him to explain, for our readers, the reasons why this February he’ll get on his bicycle and Race Against Time:

My dad has been building and fixing bikes for me my whole life. He is a master at all forms of welding, brazing, designing and machining. No matter what my bike fad was at the time, if it started to look tatty he would paint it. If it broke, he would fix it. If I had an idea, he would build it for me. Nothing was impossible, nothing was too hard.  

But that’s all changed. Two years ago Dad was diagnosed with the devastating Motor Neurone Disease (MND), the same incurable disease suffered by physicist Stephen Hawking. Dad is one of about 300 people in New Zealand living with MND. He can expect to eventually lose control of the muscles that enable him to move, speak, breathe and swallow, and the condition will eventually lead to his untimely death. Someone in Australia dies from MND every day.

These days you won’t find my dad in his workshop like you once did. The disease has robbed him of most of his energy, and a man who could never ‘sit still and do nothing’ is essentially doing just that. He watches his favourite television programmes of times gone by, shuffles when he walks, struggles to cut up his food and spends a lot of time watching planes arrive and depart the airport and ships coming into the port. It is heartbreaking to see what this incurable disease has done to him so far.

Dad, like most Kiwi MND sufferers, is supported by the Motor Neurone Disease Association of NZ (MNDANZ). The organisation does an amazing job helping MND sufferers and their carer’s. However, like many charitable organisations, they rely on a small pool of funds to do this work.

I have spent a lot of my time organising events, raising funds and building mountain bike trails in the Queenstown, NZ area. It occurred to me that I could put those same skills to use to help the people at MNDANZ who help my Dad and other sufferers of this disease every day.

So, on February 1 this year, I’m setting off on a 4,000 km unsupported with my mountain bike ride the length of New Zealand, starting at Cape Reinga in the far north and finishing at Bluff in the far south 6 weeks later. I will have a YB3 personal tracking device with me, thanks to the kind support of G-Layer.   The live tracking and blog which starts on 1st February 2015 can be accessed from my website www.raceagainsttime.co.nz. Email carey@raceagainsttime.co.nz and Facebook www.facebook.com/raceagainsttime

Please, support Carey, support the Motor Neurone Disease Association of New Zealand (MNDA)!

Rugged, reliable – YB3 personal tracking device

YB3 satellite tracking deviceYellowbrick is the ideal GPS tracker for professional adventurers, but the pricing structure means it is also the economical option for casual hikers, weekend off-roaders, dirt bike riders, or anyone wanting to keep in touch and be safe in remote locations.

If you wish to buy, hire or simply know more about YB3 personal tracking device, give us a call or drop us an email.



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