Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband

BGAN is the world’s first mobile communications service to deliver broadband data and voice, simultaneously, through a single, truly portable device anywhere on the planet.

BGAN terminals vary in size – the smallest can fit into the pocket of a pair of cargo pants, the largest will fit in a laptop bag!

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Wideye Sabre™ 1

Sabre WideyeIdeal for single users who need to set up a complete broadband mobile office in frequently changing locations

Explorer 300

Explorer 300

Voice and broadband data communications for the lightweight mobile office

Explorer 500

High bandwidth and highly portable

Explorer 700

All-time expert device for voice and broadband data communications from anywhere in the world

Hughes 9211


Coming soon at G-Layer

Hughes 9202

Hughes 9202Reliable and lightweight boasts a compact and sleek design.


SafariDesigned for the most demanding environments

Explorer 325

EXPLORER 325Compact voice and broadband solution for vehicles

Explorer 727

EXPLORER 727Fulfils the need for rapid communication

Hughes 9350

Hughes 9350Ideal for emergency responders, reporters, and mobile workers

Hughes 9450
Hughes 9450Ideal for government, first responders, public safety, mobile healthcare, and remote mobile fleet personnel.

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