RockStar Safety System – The Ideal Lone Workers Tracker

The RockStar lone workers tracker has been a huge success story for safety in the Australian workplace.

Not all of us are lucky enough to have an air conditioned office to work in every day, many of us are truly “out there” where no mobile phone call is going to save you in times of trouble.

The RockStar lone worker tracker is utilized by many of our customers in the most difficult parts of the country to work in, providing safety to their workers day to day, hour to hour.RockStar Safety System - Lone Workers Tracker

When the mobile network gives up, the RockStar starts to shine, ensuring lone workers and outback professionals always have a stable and strong link back to their office and civilization. Solo operators can always get a message to, and from, their designated contacts whether it’s a regular position report or an immediate alert signal.

Unlike all other satellite systems, the unique Iridium network has no shadowing and no blind spots, as long as you can see a decent part of the sky, the RockStar will make the link. This is crucially important in canyon country or heavily forested areas where other trackers just simply fail, the RockStar will power on.

It has ruggedness and battery standards that far exceed any of the competition, so it’s certainly not afraid of the aussie outback.

Another great feature of the RockStar is the two-way operation, capable of both sending receiving text in sms or email format, either from the keypad on the unit or with a bluetooth paired device, through the IOS or Android free apps.

RockStar lone worker tracker
and The Core interface

The RockStar lone worker tracker is not just another run of the mill sat tracker, it really is a fully featured safety management system with a powerful back end web interface, known as The Core.


This enables managers to see at a glance the location of all their remote workers, send and receive messages, respond to alerts, even check the temperature and battery status of individual trackers.

Trackers can be fully configured from The Core interface, with no intervention required by the end users, making for a very robust turn-key safety system.

Map remote workers gps tracking

The lone worker tracker with comprehensive
alerting features – The RockStar

Another great feature is the advanced alerting system which can be used to automate some aspects of worker safety. Alerts available include over-temp, dead-mans switch and the popular geo-fencing system.

Using custom geo-fences, areas can be designated as “safe” or “off limits” and an alert will be sent if a worker breaches or leaves a defined zone/s. Commonly also used is the “dead man’s switch” alert where a user must declare they are ok at defined intervals otherwise an automatic alert is triggered. The Duress Alert can be used in a situation where the worker is threatened or requires assistance – they simply press the alert button and a message is sent to the nominated emergency contacts with their precise location. The two way comms feature becomes very handy in these situations.

Rockstar gps tracker for car

Know what’s happening in the field
with the RockStar lone worker trackers

Thanks to the RockStar lone worker system, supervisors and mangers always know exactly what’s going on with the operators in the field, and workers know that some has “got their back” and help is always close.

At G-Layer we are experts in the operation of the RockStar and the Core system, and we will offer advice to get the most of the system making sure your needs are met and the operation is easy, trouble free and cost effective.

If you are a small or large company that needs a worker safety system, the RockStar lone worker tracker has definitely got you covered, ask for a demo from the guys at G-Layer.




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