RockSTAR and Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System – What is the difference?

Quite often we hear the question, What is the difference between RockSTAR and Yellowbrick GPS tracking system?

G-Layer is the importer for both products and represent Rock7 Mobile in Australia, we stock and resell Yellowbrick and RockSTAR, so, let’s see in details the two GPS tracking systems:

RockSTAR GPS Tracking System

RockSTAR  – Rugged, industrial grade GPS Tracking System

We provide RockSTAR units to a large number of remote workers across the globe. The RockSTAR provides accurate tracking, allowing HQ to know the last location of their team members, and also gives a secure and private means of communication from HQ to remote workers. RockSTAR GPS Tracking System comes with advanced alert features and a big red emergency button, as it’s built with safety in mind.

The Outback is where the RockSTAR is most useful. It provides vital communications to keep in touch with both HQ, and home, where no GSM infrastructure is available. Position information is sent automatically from the unit, as regularly as every 30 seconds, or as infrequently as once every 12 hours. If the team at head office suspect their workers are in trouble they can remotely increase the transmission rate to get more frequent fixes.

The RockSTAR can also be used to communicate, sending short messages via e-mail and SMS to the office, and to loved ones. Some even use our Bluetooth link (via iPad/iPhone/Android) to comfortably write e-mail

Our GPS tracking system don’t rely on any terrestrial service – if the mobile phone network is down, that’s not a problem. As long as our devices can see the sky, then they will be able to transmit their position and message data back home. That means they are reliable and dependable, regardless of weather conditions and access to electricity.

The RockSTAR battery endurance will allow up to 2000 transmissions with a single charge.

Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System

Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System – Stay safe and share your adventures

Yellowbrick does everything RockSTAR does, but it’s Yblog is designed for your adventures rather than for productivity.

A Yblog comes with every Yellowbrick GPS Tracking System, it is easy to use and to connect with your social media.

You can embed your Yblog map into your website or simply share your map with your friends and relatives while you’re traveling into the wild, enjoying the bush, the Oceans or the sky.


Should I buy a Yellowbrick or a RockSTAR GPS Tracking System?

Yellowbrick and RockSTAR are based on the same electronics and are identical as constructions standards, they both are tough and rugged. We tested them in the harshest conditions you can possibly imagine and we know they perform well.
If you own a company operating out of GSM range, RockSTAR will be your pick, improving your communications, enhancing your field productivity.

If you’re a yacht owner, or a bushwalker. If you own a plane, an hot-air balloon a 4WD. Wherever your adventure might take you, Yellowbrick GPS tracking system is your choice. if you wish to purchase the best outdoor tracker and messenger available in the market, just visit our shop and chose between Basic, Standard, Pro and Corporate.

Two excellent GPS tracking systems, one unbeatable pricing structure

One more thing RockSTAR and Yellowbrick have in common is the NO lock-in contract, and an easy, pay as you go airtime plan.

There is a misconception that our GPS tracking devices are more expensive than the competitors. While the high-quality components and features do mean a bigger purchase price upfront, we will never surprise you with extravagant activation fees, and the minimum commitment with us is just one month. This no matter if you purchase one Yellowbrick for your adventurous holidays or a fleet of RockSTAR for your trucking company.

The competitors’ hardware may be cheaper, but they lock you in for a minimum one-year contract. This means Yellowbrick has lower overall costs of ownership and is better value for money than its competitors.

For more details about airtime prices, check out our pricing structure.

You can purchase Yellowbrick GPS tracking system with confidence from our webshop. If you wish to have a quote for RockSTAR, feel free to
contact us.



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  1. Hi, we are a small business and only require one unit st this stage. I do a lot of work with KRSP in the Kimberley and they you the rockstar gps unit. That’s the system we would like to have. What cost are involved.

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