Yellowbrick 3 Reliable Satellite Tracking Device

G-Layer on the road in tough remote area to set up communications


The choice of the right tools, combined with proper training and troubleshooting abilities are fundamental for the success of expeditions in remote areas. Maintaining regular communications when in the forest or desert is a crucial element for a successful mission.

G-Layer specialises in selecting, preparing and operating the communication gear needed in a tough environment.

If you are planning a documentary shoot, live TV feeds, tracking racing yachts, scientific expeditions or if you’re just looking for adventure, G-layer will ensure you never run out of coverage.

Always keeping in mind that safety is your most important call.


Yellowbrick 3

For more information, or to get a quote to hire trackers for your race or rally, get in touch!


G-Layer import and resell in the Australia-Pacific region YB and Rock7 location technology products.

We take great pride in bringing to our Australian customers only durable equipment made for the real world.



Whether you are looking for tracking a particular event, be it for mapping, a bit of airtime, a yacht race, or even a regatta.

Please contact the G-layer team to discuss your requirements, we will be happy to help you find the right and most cost-effective solution.



G-Layer specialises in marine electronics.


Oceans are a harsh environment, and communication is fundamental to the safety of navigation.

G-Layer offers consulting on marine electronics, layout and installation of equipment.

We will plan and integrate the best layout for your vessel or yacht according to your budget and requirements.

High standards and durability of installation should always be a priority for the safety of you and your crew.


G-Layer installing the latest IP based satellite technology and wireless networking


The right tools can save you money, avoid frustration and poor coverage when comes to satellite and wireless systems.

We specialise in selecting and integrating the right components for the job, whether you are planning a polar expedition or establishing Wi-Fi in a jungle camp. Our satellite and wireless solutions are the product of our experience in outdoor environments, everywhere from super-yacht marinas to mountain tops.

With our in-depth knowledge of the latest IP based satellite technology and wireless networking, we will help you choose the most cost effective and reliable equipment for your unique requirements.Newer technologies like IP based satellites, have made video streaming a must in the world of remote news gathering. It is cost effective and reliable.

A capable wireless system, Wi-Fi / 3G / 4G / satellite or any combination, can be well utilised for live video / audio or data upload. For field based comms, our experience has proven that simplicity and reliability is key. Going on air, live, in a matter of few minutes is essential for field based reporters.

With the wealth of many years’ experience in the field, G-Layer offer our expertise on data solutions, including live video, from the most remote areas of the planet


G-Layer with “ruggedise” delicate equipment taken in the field.


Thanks to our years of experience in remote areas, G-layer also offers custom rugged construction and protection of equipment.

We build reliable equipment for the real world to your specifications.

We “ruggedise” delicate equipment to be taken in the field. On request, we can build radio/IT/comms solutions for demanding environmental conditions.

In the G-layer portfolio are already available:

  • High performance Wi-Fi bridging solutions
  • Remote video streaming portable solutions
  • Radio monitoring systems



G-Layer is also committed to doing our bit for the environment as our work shop is totally powered by solar panels and the website is designed and maintain by Tjiltjapuna Web Designs who is an Accredited 100% Green Renewable Power user.

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