Thuraya SatSleeve and Yellowbrick Personal GPS Tracker – WA Road Test

Thuraya SatSleeve

The Thuraya SatSleeve and Yellowbrick Personal GPS tracker don’t have much in common. They operate on different networks for different purposes but they are both communication devices and high quality products, so G-Layer keeps both in stock.

While taking a business trip and a few days holiday in Western Australia, I’ve decided to confirm the performance of these two products in the field.
For the SatSleeve was a first outing, while the Yellowbrick has long travelled the world with me, but let’s see if I can make it fail once!

At G-layer we are committed to sell only quality equipment, so it is important for John and I to test the gear first in the real world scenarios. We know what our customers need and we don’t want to disappoint them.

SatSleeve for iPhone – a revolutionary product, built for demanding customers

Imagine using your smartphone to place satellite phone calls well beyond the boundaries of the GSM network! Well, here we are – the SatSleeve is the world’s first satellite adapter for Smartphones. During my two weeks in WA I had a SatSleeve for iPhone to road test.

It’s a perfect fit for the Apple iphone, no mucking around, just a very easy and intuitive app. So you can place your first call pretty much 5 minutes after unpacking SatSleeve.
That’s the kind of products we like, mo more clunky phones with outdated software, SatSleeve is really built for this century.

Voice quality was crisp and clear, with no blind spots to be reported all the way to Drysdale Station. Sig/noise ratio was so good I was able to use it from the vehicle. SMS is also a breeze. Unlike some other providers, you don’t have to stand still under the midday sun to place a call. The Smartphone talks via Bluetooth with the SatSleeve, therefore you can sit the SatSleeve up to 15-20 meters away and use the phone as if you are within GSM range, a nice feature.

Overall it’s a great product and it has proven its dependability. Keeping in touch with HQ and to the customers would not have been as easy without SatSleeve. My partner Emma, who was with me in WA was easily able to call her mum for Mother’s day, priceless!

Yellowbrick Personal GPS Tracker

Yellowbrick Personal GPS Tracker – pretty tough cookie

That’s right, my intention was to finally kill a Yellowbrick Personal GPS tracker.

My own YB has been with me for years all over the world, I love it, but this time I was determined to see where the breaking point is.

Good news is that I miserably failed, the only thing I haven’t tried was pretty much running over it with the truck. Dust, water, extreme vibrations up to 50 degrees under the windscreen but none of the elements seemed to stop the regular position reports my Yellowbrick Personal GPS tracker relentlessly kept on sending.

Yes, there is a lot of uncertainty when you travel off-road in the Outback, but you can be sure the Yellowbrick Personal GPS tracker will report your position at regular intervals and help you keeping in touch with your loved ones.

I set the position report at 1 hr interval, 5 minutes when bushwalking and continuous (40 seconds) when I flew on a sightseeing flight. All reported with maximum accuracy.
Since I like to keep in touch, emails kept on coming in during the whole trip. Email/SMS are exchanged every time the device is reporting a position, unless you wish to manually send a report.

Now that travelling season is over for me, my Yellowbrick goes back on the shelf. I have paid for a month and made the best out of my airtime, there is no ongoing fee I need to pay until my next adventure.

Thuraya SatSleeve and Yellowbrick personal GPS tracker– Innovative solutions, smart design.

If you wish to know more about Thuraya SatSleeve Check Out Thuraya SatSleeve specifications or give us a call.

We will ensure that SatSleeve is compatible with your phone, and that the area you plan to use it is well covered by the Thuraya network.

Contact us to get your Thuraya SatSleeve for $849.00 including GST!

Yellowbrick Personal GPS tracker is available from our web-shop, we have stock and will be pleased to suggest to you the best model for your adventure.

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