Own a yacht? The Yellowbrick Satellite Tracking Device Will Keep You Safe

Boat satellite tracking

There are so many of us down under who have the dream of owning a yacht and sailing the beautiful clear waters of our seeming limitless coastline.

It’s a dream that has come true for a lucky few of us, whether in a shiny new Beneteau or Jeanneau… or Riviera… or Maritimo… or even a trusty old ferro-cement cheapie, the Yellowbrick satellite tracking device will make sure you have a “lifeline” to home.

There’s been a trend in retirees deciding to do their traditional aussie “victory lap” on the water instead of the road, and a great idea it is too. No matter what your budget, or how your decide to take to the water, there’s some crucial things you need to prepare for. One of the biggest is offshore communications.

Coast mobile phone coverage is notoriously hopeless even when sailing close to population centres. Most of those mobile towers are focussed inland and wont be much help at all when you get to the real blue water.

Boat gps tracking device

No dropouts, no black spots.
True global coverage with the satellite tracking device.

The Yellowbrick GPS Tracker uses the unique Iridium satellite constellation – the only network with global coverage, and literally no dead zones. So staying in touch with your family and friends back home is as simple as a text or email through the Yellowbrick, at the most affordable rates on the market.

And apart from regular contact, it’s also great to know you’ve got emergency help at the push of a button on the front panel.Just flip the cover and hit that red alert button, and your chosen list of emergency contacts knows you need help, and exactly where you are including course and speed.

Most importantly they can reply to you through the Yellowbrick, and get updates on your situation.

Note that you are still required by law to carry an EPIRB when more than two nautical miles off shore anywhere in Aus, even though the Yellowbrick is honestly more likely to save your life.

More than just tracking, two-way messaging is built in to the Yellowbrick satellite tracking device.

Rockstar The Core

The real time tracking features of the Yellowbrick satellite tracking device can of course also be a life saver, even if you don’t get a chance to hit that button.

The virtual bread crumb trail to your last known postion (LKP) is already online for rescuers to follow.

If every vessel on the water was using Yellowbricks, the hardworking guys and girls at Marine Rescue and AMSA would be very happy indeed.

The two way messaging is a huge benefit in times of crisis.


Ruggedness, dependability, build quality
It’s all there with the Yellowbrick satellite tracking device.

Yellowbrick V3 MKII, satellite tracker and two way messengerWhen the first Yellowbricks were produced they broke new ground in many areas: They were the first satellite tracking device to have truly global coverage with no dropouts, they have the most affordable operating costs on the market, and their toughness was designed-in from scratch to be full mll-spec ip67, the most rugged tracker on the market. A few years on and they still tick those boxes.

The primary application was yacht racing, and they’ve proven themselves over and over around the world, making Yellowbrick a household name in the pro yachting community.

All this R&D and engineering has trickled down to benefit us the consumers, with the device we can purchase for our vessels today.

The Yellowbrick satellite tracking device is the final word in tracking and messaging for your yacht.

If you need any more info or assistance, please feel free to get in touch with the friendly guys at G-Layer.




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