YB3 Aircraft Tracker on board of Yellow Tiger Moth

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YB3 aircraft tracker, the yellow tiger moth and my midlife crisis

None of us are getting any younger.
After forty, many of us blokes try to deny this fact and youthful activities become very attractive. So, for a while now I’ve been watching the local biplanes doing adventure flights with some interest.

Finally, I came up with a good excuse to realise my tiger moth dream. I could use the YB aircraft tracker to follow my flight, and get some cool new photos for the website. The yellow biplane was even colour coordinated with my aircraft tracker!
We transmitted our position every minute, so the website could accurately display the path of the flight. Now my midlife crisis will be recorded for ever more. Try doing that with one of our competitors!

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The flight, YB3 aircraft tracker full throttle

The forward seat of the tiger moth is rather uncomfortable for a tall bloke, the cockpit is designed for tiny English gentlemen. Never mind a little discomfort, the fun starts as the engine starts.
My YB3 aircraft tracker is placed in a strategic position, a bit in contrast with the perfectly restored 1941 instrument panel. The Tiger Moth is made of Irish linen, the YB3 aircraft tracker works just beautifully everywhere it sits; it acquires GPS and uploads position via Iridium SBD without missing a beat.

After taxing almost blindly, the take off, nose into the wind. The Tiger moth gets airborne  after just a couple of hundred meters. Our heading is soon set for the Byron lighthouse, altitude 300ft.
At 65 knots, it’s very easy for my YB3 live flight tracker to record and upload positions, it would do that comfortably up to Mach 1.0 and a ceiling of 60.000 ft ,no problems on a Tiger Moth.

The flight was amazing. It was a beautiful spring day, and we flew over the beaches from Broken Head to Brunswick Heads. I even saw a humpback whale and her calf heading south.
I was very tempted to ask for aerobatics, but the flight was so pleasant and gentle, I did not feel like digging into it.
The Tiger Moth is a manoeuvrable machine, made for training fighter pilots. A17-58 was built in Australia in 1941 and it’s been perfectly restored by his owner and operator Steve Richards.

If you feel inspired, book your flight at http://tigermothbyronbay.com.au. Steve is a very experienced pilot.

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YB aircraft tracker and FlightAware – Enhanced global tracking

Confirmed during the 2014 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, the collaboration will allow Rock Seven to transmit data from its YB3 RockSTAR and RockFLEET tracking units for integration into FlightAware’s flight tracking and management system.

The compatibility between the systems will result in significant benefits for YB3 Rock Seven customers who will now have access to FlightAware’s live web-based flight tracking, real-time fleet maps and flight alerts for business aircraft operators.

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Low cost of ownership, no hidden fees with YB3 aircraft tracker

YB3 plane tracking device is Iridium-based, has pole to pole coverage and is a perfect solution for tracking your aircraft, glider or ultra light.

Not only will it provide accurate tracking and reliable messaging, but it’s very cost-effective to operate, with a very low cost of ownership. It’s pay as you go airtime is simple and with no hidden fees.

Purchase a YB3 aircraft tracker from our shop with confidence.

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