YB3 tracking device and GODZone 2015

gps tracking device godzone adventureGODZone is New Zealand’s premier expedition adventure race. Teams race through a gruelling wilderness course which will remain secret until just before the event starts. It can take anywhere between three and seven days for the competitors to pass through all the required checkpoints.

GODZone has announced a partnership with leading industry technology company, YB Tracking, who will provide live website tracking of teams racing in the 2015 event in Wanaka next March, using YB3 tracking devices.

GODZone has been at the forefront of technological developments for live tracking that allow adventure-racing teams to be constantly monitored via a GPS locator beacon system. Race Director Warren Bates says a strong relationship has been developed with specialist tracking company, YB Tracking, and the new partnership brings significant benefits to the event.
“We have used their devices exclusively in each GODZone chapter and now we are utilising the YB3 tracking device unit for all our pre-event reconnaissance work in the field and as our emergency device of choice.”

yb3 tracking device

Bomb-proof live tracking with YB3 tracking device

“The importance of bomb-proof live tracking from a safety and media perspective cannot be overestimated and without doubt the units developed by YB are the most technologically advanced available.”

“Tracking the teams on our Live Coverage platform is the most obvious use of the YB3 tracking device, allowing our thousands of online supporters to watch the race unfold and their teams progress. The event management team also uses the tracking facility to monitor progress of the teams and to ensure that logistics work on a timely basis. From a safety perspective we have used the Alert and Message functions of the YB3 to deal with teams which have got themselves into difficulty. This is one of the great features of the unit versus a standard PLB in that it allows the teams to communicate with Race HQ (and emergency services) immediately, if needed. Alternatively, teams can ask for assistance via messaging which can ensure that we don’t tie up safety resources unnecessarily.”

No competitors can match YB3 tracking device’s performance

Designed for the harsh realities of adventure racing the tracking units carried by each team are waterproof and compact. The YB3 tracking device features massive battery endurance, which makes it the most reliable piece of equipment for those who venture into the wild.

Mr Bates told us why YB3 was the better choice for GODZone:
“The simple answer is unrivalled performance in the field. We needed a reliable tracking unit that could cope with the rigours of the New Zealand wilderness over a 7 day period. The YB3 adventure tracker unit was the only one in our trials that could reliably deliver a signal in marginal terrain or under a dense forest canopy. It also had the best battery life and for an event like ours which has 200 + competitors travelling over approximately 520kms of wilderness from start to finish, that was crucial.”

tracking devices

YB3 – adventurer’s choice

Nick Farrell from YB Tracking says the company’s commitment to adventure racing has grown significantly through their relationship with GODZone.

“GODZone, in our opinion, is one of the toughest, most demanding races there is, and our YB3 tracking device has to be able to cope with everything the competitors go through. Having helped with several rescues over the years, and provided the public with a means to track these athletes on the course, we’re proud to support GODZone and look forward to doing so for many more years to come.”

YB3 tracking device in Australia

G-Layer represents YB tracking in the Australia-Pacific region, and we import and distribute the YB3 tracking device.
We’re happy to offer our customers the YB3 through our web shop, because we believe it is the best tracking device out there – Do not settle for anything less than a YB3!

For GODZone team entries go to www.godzoneadventure.com or Facebook www.facebook.com/godzoneadventure



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