YB3 tracking system in Antarctica with Tim Garrett

Professional or recreational, YB3 is the right tracking system for you.

GPS tracker antarcticaSummer hasn’t started, but this is the time of the year when our YB3 tracking systems are in high demand.

Planning an adventure takes time and preparation, having the right electronics is paramount for communications and safety.

Never mind if you’re a recreational bush walker or an ultra-marathoner, we have the best outdoor gear for your fun time. We know you want your adventure to be safe, and to keep in touch with your loved ones and let them know where you are.

At G-Layer we have field tested every device we retail in some pretty harsh conditions. We like to try, before you buy and we strongly recommend the YB3 tracking system for your adventures.

Tim Garrett heading to Antarctica
but not without a YB3 tracking system

Tim Garrett will be soon heading to Antarctica, he’s chosen YB3 for his next adventure.
G-Layer will supply Tim with a YB3 tracking system and a soft pouch, fresh from our stock.
Tim will be able to rely on our help and support, customising his Yblog and embedding the map on his website.

Tim is going to a very special place, but what we’ll do for him, is just what we do for any of our customers, they are all special to us.

We had a chat with Tim couple of days ago.
We asked him why he’s chosen a YB3 tracking system:

YB3 Tracking Device Tim Garrett“As an extreme ultra-marathoner I explore the most remote parts of the world. More often than not, I find myself in survival
situations that require intuitive responses that have been learned or are pre-calculated. Safety is always the first priority especially when a strategy goes wrong for whatever reason, so there needs to be other options available. Having been in remote areas such as the Arctic (the top of Norway and Finland, the top of Canada), the Kalahari desert in South Africa, Everest in Nepal and the Himalayan mountains in far north India; I need to rely on a tracking system.

These tracking units afford me a safety system which gives both myself, relatives and friends, a comfort zone that all is well, and if not then i can send an alert. There are various tracking systems on the market- two of which i possess and use routinely. Unfortunately, due to location and/or topography, these systems have failed with continuous tracking and sending message alerts. Now my next venture is in one of the most remote, coldest places on Earth, the South Pole. Here I will need to have the best support and safety systems in place. The YB3 tracking system using iridium technology has a proven track record in the South Pole. Traveling 1200km in sub zero temperatures, hauling my survival gear on a sled, more than ten hours away from air support, means i need to rely on people tracking my current location and gaging my progress. YB3 has the ability to track and send messages and alerts.

To complete my ultra-marathon ventures, I need to train locally. For this I travel to local areas such as the Blue Mountains in NSW or the mountains in the South Island of New Zealand. Even in these less remote and extreme areas, I have had problems with tracking devices where continuous tracking and message alerts have failed. This is an important hurdle to overcome as regularly I am out there training alone so it is imperative that relatives and friends can track my safety and location. The YB3 is proven to work domestically in both maritime and terrestrial locations. The support of a YB3 is one more reassuring step in my planning for the South Pole
venture starting in November 2014 as well as my subsequent 2015 ventures in both the Arctic and Antarctica.”

Tim, you can be sure that your magnetic compass and your YB3 tracking system will never freeze!

We’ve been there and done that and we guarantee your YB3 will never let you down.
Our support team will be with you every step of the way.

YB3 tracking system Antarctica

YB3 tracking system – Rugged, Reliable with low cost of ownership

Total global coverage and long battery life are two things that make the YB3 tracking system unique.

A huge 5300 mA battery makes sure you can keep going into the wild for weeks at a time, and the Iridium constellation will follow you to the ends of the Earth.

YB3’s reliable two-way messaging system is also special, as you can send and receive messages without the need for a tablet device. But if you do have one, you can connect your tracking system using Bluetooth and capitalise on all the advanced messaging functions.

There is a misconception that YB3 are more expensive than the competitors. While the high-quality components and features do mean a bigger purchase price upfront, there are no lock-in contracts or activation fees. The competitors’ hardware may be cheaper up front, but they will lock you in for a minimum one-year contract.

This means the YB3 tracking system has overall lower costs of ownership and it is better value for money than its competitors.

Tim Garrett Expedition



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