Yellowbrick GPS Tracker, there is No escape

There is no escape with Yellowbrick GPS tracker

You’d think the Gibb River Road in the Kimberleys would be the perfect place to get away from it all; there’s no electricity grid, no paved roads and no GSM coverage. But when travelling with Gionny from G-Layer, I’ve discovered there’s nowhere on earth I can stay incommunicado.

With his Yellowbrick GPS tracker constantly transmitting our position to a website, and his smart phone attached to a Thuraya SatSleeve, there was no interruption to communications. In places such as the pristine and remote Windjana and Dimond gorges, the calls just kept coming in.

Yellowbrick GPS tracker – Never run out of coverage

Although I could have done without the sound of the phone ringing in this beautiful wilderness, it was reassuring to know that if our 4WD ran out of spare tyres, or got stuck in a flooded creek, we were always able to call for help on the SatSleeve, or push the emergency button on the Yellowbrick GPS tracker.

Fortunately we never had to resort to using his equipment for a rescue situation, but Gionny was very happy to be able to stay in touch with the business while holidaying in this most rugged and sparsely populated part of Australia.

Me – not so much 🙂

Yellowbrick GPS Tracker

The Smart Choice – Yellowbrick GPS Tracker

Yellowbrick is the ideal GPS tracker for professional adventurers, but the flexible pricing structure means it is also the economical option for casual hikers, weekend off-roaders, dirt bike riders, or anyone wanting to keep in touch and be safe in remote locations.

Satellite Phone

Buy a GPS Tracker and support ACF

By offering Yellowbrick tracker naked, since October 2013, we have started a business sponsorship with the Australian Conservation Foundation. This is a project where our customers can decide to purchase the excellent Yellowbrick tracker with no frills and donate $20 to ACF.

By importing Yellowbrick tracking devices without the packaging and charging devices, we significantly reduce their weight, thereby cutting down on carbon emissions by an estimated 3.7 tonnes per 200 units. The same shipment of 200 units will be 96 kilos lighter!

Customers can now choose to donate the cost of the charger and packaging ($17) to ACF, one of our country’s most influential environmental organisations. And for every “Naked Yellowbrick” sold, G-Layer will chip in another $3 (which we save in shipping costs) to round up the donation to $20.

We are proud to support ACF, and we are proud of donating part of our revenue to support the Australian environment.

gibb river road

The Legendary Yellowbrick Support – Comes free of charge with Yellowbrick GPS tracker

Finally, the thing that puts us apart from the competition is our commitment to personal service. Just like the team at Yellowbrick UK, here at G-layer we always strive for excellence, which means our number one priority is customer satisfaction.

We will always go the extra mile and make sure, wherever on Earth you are, your Yellowbrick GPS tracker is always meeting your needs 100%.

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