Yellowbrick Sat Tracker – The Ultimate GPS Tracker for On and Off Road

4WD, camper or caravan, the Yellowbrick sat tracker has got you covered.

You don’t realise what a huge country Australia is until you set out to cover some serious distance, and this is when a reliable and rugged sat tracker can be a lifesaver out in the bush. At G-Layer we have been selling many of these tough devices to off roaders and campers, who are attracted by their rugged reliability, the extreme battery life and the unbeatable features.

When you hit the road, or even head off road, it becomes quickly clear how limited our mobile GSM coverage is here in Aus. This is where some other comms option becomes necessary, to keep in touch with the family and friends back home, not to mention the bragging rights of how remote your bush camp is. The Yellowbrick sat tracker provides so much more than just position reporting, with a bluetooth connection it becomes a capable messaging portal – sending and receiving short text messages and emails from literally the middle of nowhere.

Yellowbrick Sat Tracker

Reliable communications in the bush
thanks to the rugged Yellowbrick sat tracker

The aussie bush has a clear need for comms coverage, that can be filled by various options such as sat phones and gps trackers. The Yellowbrick sat tracker fills this niche perfectly because it offers not just accurate tracking, but duplex messaging as well. Unlike cheap toy trackers, there are no black spots and the text messaging is fully two -way, a big difference.

Using the messaging system can be as simple as selecting a preset message from the touchpad on a “Basic” model, (these preset messages can be customised too) or connecting a tablet via bluetooth (on standard models and above) to use the full keyboard-based app interface, which is certainly a bit easier on your thumbs.

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You’ll never be out of range with the Yellowbrick sat tracker

We always get asked about coverage limits, because our customers are used to these limitations with cheaper tracking systems – but with the Yellowbrick, there are no limits as the coverage is truly global. There are simply no black spots anywhere on the surface of the earth, thanks to the Iridium satellite network. No other network has this full comprehensive global coverage and it is another feature that makes the Yellowbricks stand out on their own.

Spending time on the road exploring Australia can easily take months, or years for the committed, It’s a great feature to be able to let your friends and family know you are safe every night in your off road camper or a bush tent, or at time of distress you can alert them immediately, and get help remotely.

Check out our accessories for vehicle mounting and hard wiring options, available now in the shop.

As always, you can call us anytime for advice on mounts and quick release options for your car or van. We specialise in tricky installation and are happy to offer advice on how best to install your sat tracker.

Yellowbrick Sat Tracker – it’s got you covered on and off road.

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